First tits of blood

Submissions are welcome!

Second pic (thank you /b/)

E-mail some bloody tits to info at titsofblood dot com!

Third pic (thank you /r/)

Even images like this!

Fourth pic (thank you lucas)

Artistic impressions are fine as well!

Fifth pic (thank you lucas)

As long as there is blood and tits it is awwww-right!

Sixth pic (thank you lucas)

Props to the first pseudononymous submission by Homer!

Seventh pic (thank you Homer)

Now here is a fine specimen of Tits Of Blood!

Eighth pic

High tits / blood ratio!

Ninth pic

Totally distorted colour spectrum? Who cares!

Tenth pic

Contribution spree from El Pako!

Eleventh pic (thank you El Pako)

More from El Pako!

Twelfth pic (thank you El Pako)

El Pako hattrick!

Thirteenth pic (thank you El Pako)

El Pako quartet!

Fourteenth pic (thank you El Pako)

El Pako yahtzee!

Fifteenth pic (thank you El Pako)

El Pako introduces: tits and red-cum!

Sixteenth pic (thank you El Pako)

El Pako lucky seven!

Seventeenth pic (thank you El Pako)

El Pako vertical infinity!

Eighteenth pic (thank you El Pako)

El Pako mixes tits blood and religion!

Nineteenth pic (thank you El Pako)

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